Meet Memo


Hey there, Memo here. Thanks for joining us along our journey! Jacque and I have discussed and dreamed about doing a trip around the world for a while now, it’s surreal that the time has finally come for us to take off.

As for me, I love taking photos, playing soccer, and cobbling together travel videos along the way. I was born and raised in Nevada, but after meeting, Jacque, going to graduate school, and working as a public health professional for several years, we have saved enough money to turn this dream into a reality.

Travel is a very personal and unique experience. For me, meeting people, capturing a moment in a photograph, and immersing oneself in unique experiences in far-off lands are among life’s greatest pleasures.  What I am looking forward to most is seeing some of the amazing mountains in New Zealand and Nepal, and also experiencing Chinese New Years in Singapore. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the adventures we will be sharing here on Two Go Round the World.