Meet Jacque

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! One way that I have traveled throughout the United States (with Memo by my side) is by competing in both marathons and pageants. I started running heavily in college and after running a few dozen marathons, my goal has become to run a marathon in all 50 states. My next marathon is in Honolulu, Hawaii! A new state! I wear a pink ribbon charm on my right shoe in every race in memory of my mother who passed away from breast cancer when I was sixteen. I am also a former Ms. Georgia United States and have run a marathon and won a pageant in the same day...twice. 

I am so grateful to travel the world with my favorite companion by my side, Memo. We have worked hard at meeting our savings goals every week, and are excited to enjoy the fruits of our labor before settling down to start a family. We are looking forward to meeting new people, trying different foods, and checking off our personal bucket list items - mine includes bungee jumping in New Zealand! We hope you enjoy following along!